We raise our livestock as close to their natural environment as possible.  We do not use any growth hormones or chemicals. We use antibiotics only when necessary for a sick animal. Our farming techniques are very in tune with farming prior to the industrialization of farming. 

Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished.  This means they do not receive grain and are not subject to genetically modified input.  We grow our pastures using non-chemical methods, including organic sea salt. Using mob-grazing techniques, our cattle move every few days from one small paddock to another. This ensures they eat down the best grasses and intensely fertilize the pasture with their manure. The pastures rest for long periods of time allowing for better parasite control.

Our Cornish hens and meat chickens start out as chicks in our brooder where they are never overcrowded, eat non-GMO, non-medicated starter feed and are given fresh grass daily. Our youngest child, Josie, is responsible for them. She's learning how to listen to the chicks to learn if they are too cold, too warm, hungry, in pain, or happy based on their sounds and behavior. She's a Chicken Whisperer in training!  

Once the chicks are large enough to maintain their body heat, they are moved to the outdoor chicken tractor. They continue to received non-GMO feed and are moved to fresh grass daily.  We often add apple cider vinegar with mother to their water to help with their overall health. We personally butcher all our poultry on the farm. It's always a family effort and a long day but we take pride in knowing that our chickens led a happy life and were treated humanely and with respect from day one until their last day.